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PRU13 - LIVE from Penang !! Makan Busat sama Tokjib, lepas makan ramai-ramai lari balik !

Jangan kasi malu sama tokjib ini malam boleh ? Apa ? shameless display by PM ?? Lu jangan macam-macam machaa...! Makan sudah kasi, minum sudah beri, apa lagi mau..? mesti undi BN laa..? what' ?? NO...NO...NO...!! 

What I can’t understand is how people like Jaclyn Victor and the other artistes can go there and lend support? Have they no shame nor any pride? Is money everything that you are willing to sacrifice your maruah and the future of your descendants? It is ok if you are someone in a rural area with no access to info other than what you hear on the radio. The same goes to all those stupid people who went for the concert at Han Chiang. People told them not to go but they still wanted to go. They refused to use their brains. I mean if you can’t think on your own it doesn’t matter, others have told you not to go. Now they complain that their registrations have been removed. Which idiots gives someone a photocopy of their IC to go to a concert? Do you even need ppl to tell you that? Even a primary school kid will know not to give someone their private details. They are plain stupid and they deserve what they get. I really hope they don’t get to vote. Sometimes I wonder where Penangites put their brains.

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(Update 10.20pm*) - Fakta malam ini  : 300 anggota FRU diperlukan untuk majlis makan busat ini malam. Ratusan anggota RELA dikerah mengawal lalulintas dan kenderaan mewah pemimpin BN.

Tokjib sedang berucap sekarang. Tokjib menjerit, crowd juga menjerit. Tapi yg dijerit oleh tukang-tukang makan sangat meng' confusing'kan ! Apa sudah jadi...ini kali haa ? - nantikan update seterusnya sebentar lagi di sini. 

Update from Anilnetto note - 
11.10pm: Najib is leaving now. The USM crowd is screaming away as they wave goodbye. (I was passing by the Batu Lanchang market a few minutes ago, and I noticed that half the 1Malaysia flags that were stuck in the holes of the drain covers along the pavements have fallen flat on the pavement. Inside the KFC nearby, a couple of dozen people in the blue 1Malaysia Charity Drive T-shirts were tucking in. Maybe they didn’t get to eat at Air Itam?

11.05pm: The concert continues but thousands are leaving. Najib is still inside listening to the concert. 

10.55pm: All the VIPs and Najib are on stage for a group photo. Some BN supporters are chanting, “Undi BN!” as they leave. 

10.45pm: There is an exodus of people – a human traffic jam heading out – after Najib’s speech. Local candidates are now being introduced. Some of the projects are being launched now and fireworks are released. USM students have put up their banners again as the crowd makes its way out. 2242: Three times the question goes out. “Are you ready for BN?” This time the response is 50-50. Most people have left and it is mainly the supporters that remain. 

10.35pm: Najib promised to build one million affordable houses, whereas PR is only building a fraction of the number, he said. He also promised three-room homes in the Air Itam area: 9999 bigger and better homes compared to what PR promised. Those in 400 sq ft homes will get 800 sq ft flats. 

10.30pm: More people are streaming out. Half the crowd are still eating and others walking out. One guy said someone gave him a KIMMA flag and he was waving it. But he did not know what it was about. More people are leaving, as I think the food is finishing.
" Jika kita mengejar AKHIRAT, DUNIA akan datang bersujud kepada kita, dan biarlah nampak miskin tapi berharta dan tidak berhutang, daripada nampak hebat tapi tidak berharta dan banyak hutang "


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