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Meet Cikgu Shida From Parit - Waka Waka !!

Meet C.S.D.P. @ CikShidaDariParit, a 38-year-old school-teacher and mime artiste from Perak, who is breaking out of the mould of what society expects of her.

“I’m not a professional artist. I have no basics in acting, singing or dancing and I’m not an IT expert also. I’m just an ordinary woman and a teacher. I do all the videos by myself from recording, make up till the editing and I’m only using used materials,” she says.

If society had more people like CikShida and fewer of the right-wing bigots (like those burning leaflets about Balik Pulau today) and racists around, I think Malaysia would be a much happier place, don’t you think? That is why we have to nurture more creative people so that we can challenge the narrow prejudices and stereotypes that often straitjacket our own thinking and confine us to pigeon holes.

She adds in her blog:
As you know, a hobby is something that you enjoy doing in your spare time. Doing something that you enjoy definitely makes you happy. If you are happy, it’s good not just for your work but also to the people around you and for me of course my work as a teacher and my pupils. 

Making and creating these videos needs not just talent and creativity, but also you must be 100% in good shape and mind, because you need to act, dance, make all kind of movements, gestures and expressions and then do the editing process. In other words, you are an active and a healthy person. For me those are fun things to do. I like. And by showing the videos worldwide, it builds up my self esteem and gives me satisfaction with a lot of views, subscribers, friends and especially when people tell me that they like, enjoy and are happy watching the videos. 

So next I can tell my pupils if teacher can do it, why can’t you! Show your talent, be brave, be confident, always believing in yourself, don’t be afraid of the mockery… JADIKAN SEMUA EJEKAN DAN KATA-KATA KEJI TERSEBUT SEBAGAI PEMBAKAR SEMANGAT UNTUK MENGHASILKAN YANG LEBIH BAIK. 

These videos are not just to motivate myself but also to motivate my pupils. I also use miming while I’m teaching my pupils – for example, they read the sentences and I mime or I read the sentences and they mime… makes learning English more exciting. This hobby, creating miming videos of yourself, is also good to prevent your children from going outside the house and getting involved with unhealthy activities because they can do it in their own bedroom, just like me, so you know where your children are. 

It is also good to develop the child’s memorisation skill because before you can do the miming, you need to memorise the lyrics first. And last but not least, this is also my way of entertaining people.

source from anilnetto blog


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