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Mubarak's Defeat Is US-Zionist Defeat:The Aggression Of Zionist US Terrorism

Inna solati wa nusuki wamah yaya wawamati lil lahi robil 'alamen ( " Truly my prayer, my sacrifice, my living nnd my dying is for God lord of the world " ) " Establish Ad-deen n govern d world with it; Islamu yaklu wala yakla 'alaih " Universal Justice n Peace,borderless 4 ALL 'Baidatun toyyibatun warobbun ghafoor" ( A State of Prosperity, Peace n Blesseth by God )

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Zionist and US imperialism have been the word aggressor, suppressor and oppressor towards the third world and under-developed countries. Japan was bombed by US nuclear bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki . Vietnam was destroyed for ten years. Somalia was attacked by US aggressions. Afghanistan being occupied by US military . Iraq, ten of thousands died in US conquest and aggressions . All these never occurred in US but in the poor and under-developed countries. US is save! Palestine for decades has been a battle-field of Israel and US supports killing innocent civilians. Israel is the reputation of US.

Thus, US and Zionist have caused mass destructions and chaos in this world. UN and most of the OIC are subordinates of US and the victims of Zionist conspiracies. The greed of the world old giant is oil as in Iraq where no nuclear plant was found and Afghanistan oil wells by killing the people with the military occupation.

The latest being Egypt as a satellite of Zionist-US to take control of the Middle East and the muslim world as a whole. The defeat of the murderous autocrat Mubarak-Suleiman’s Pharaoh dictatorial regime is the defeat of Zionist-US for good.

Warships of 800 troops were sent by US to the land of the Pharaoh so as to sustain Mubarak’s aggressions. Behind Mubarak –Suleiman is Zionism and US aggressions and terrorism. But US-Israel hypocrisy shows by its dramas of portraying ‘Policeman of the world” which is in actuality is the WORLD GANGSTERISM, TERRORISM and IMPERIALISM .

Who was behind the late Shah Iran if not Zionist and US . Likewise, US should liberate itself from the Zionist conspiracies and stop becoming its subordinate controlling UN and the Middle-East because history has proven that US-Zionist was chased away in Iran by the Islamic Revolution . US was also driven off from Somalia an underdog country which is not a super power . At the end of the day US had left Vietnam after killing millions of innocent civilians and innocent young American soldiers died for nothing being forced by the imperialist nation to die for imperialism and terrorism in the Vietnam War.

US should take all these as a lesson not as a license to kill. Back off from Egypt and stop supporting autocrats and making them as its subordinates. In this cyber era; slavery is no more a tradition of the third –world. US as a sick old giant and is dying and the whole world is against US now. No country wants to be the subordinate or a slave of another country. If this happens , look what happened to Iran . 

The whole masses chased away the autocrat regime, security force , CIA , Zionist and US. North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, China ,Iran ,Turkey, Sudan , and Syria don’t give a damn to America.

Suleiman the puppet of US-Zionist won’t stay long and his days are numbered. For the reformist, it’s better to die as martyrs in dignity rather than to live in slavery and embarrassment . Let there be a new nation of Independent Egypt being born in peace, harmony , dignity , solidarity and sovereignty. Tahrir Square and Alexandria Liberation Square will liberate the masses, the protesters and the reformist demonstrators through out the world for the true meaning of freedom, liberation , democracy and the people’s sovereignty once and for all.

Suleiman –Mubarak have lost their legitimacy and it’s time for them to leave, resign and dissolve the parliament immediately and call for a fair and free election. Let the world defeat Zionist-Israel and US imperialism and terrorism in Egypt now and forever!. And let there be peace and harmony in this world.

Down with Suleiman, down with Mubarak’s regime, down with US terrorism and Zionist conspiracies in Eqypt as a starting point to liberate the Middle-East , Arab World and the Muslim World as a whole and defeat the imperialist–terrorist-zionist in Egypt for good. If Iran’s Islamic Revolution succeeded in doing so and Tunisia began it . 

Why not Egypt as one of the world’s oldest civilization as Persia/ Iran is succeeds as well by His Grace. GOD IS THE GREATEST!

By: Nash Ar-Rawy / 08.02.11.


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