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Bloggers Parpukari dan Papagomo disaman 10 juta ? Takziah

Si Eliz ni masak jadi bahan melucah 2 ekor macai ni. Tapi jika benar tulisan Rocky Bru dibawah, nampaknya masak 2 ekor tu kena gelak sama si Eliz pulak. Aku sekadar ucap Takziah saja wokey !

RM10 million apiece. I can tell you one or two things about wolves in lawyers clothing but there are more good apples out there than rotten ones, of that I am sure. And that should be good enough news to bloggers Parpukari and Papagomo. Because I hear a businessman who once named Rais Yatim's son in an affidavit against his business partner has filed a lawsuit against the two prominent Umno bloggers.

I remember Abdul Razak Mohd Noor's lawsuit against his business partner quite well because the Malay Mail had published the affidavit on Dino Rais, Rais' son in telco suit, on Oct 22 2010. [The Minister had on Oct 12 2010 lodged a police report against my blog for my RM1 billion posting. I was the Editorial Adviser of the Malay Mail at the time].

During this blog's spat with the Minister, several parties engaged Umno cybertroopers to help the Minister angle the issue to his advantage. I saw this as a necessary PR exercise for the minister and, therefore, was not surprised when some of the bloggers launched an offensive against me. This is sopo blogosphere and I am a sopo blogger: you have to be able to take as well as you give.

But Razak is neither a blogger nor a politician. He does not understand why Umno bloggers are viciously attacking him. By his own admission, however, he is a strong Umno supporter. And that's what make this case queer and that is why the bloggers will be needing good lawyers to defend them. The same parties who had engaged bloggers in Rais' defense should come to their aid now.

p.s. The Judge in Kalimullah & Co vs Rocky's Bru this morning kindly set Jan 25th, 2012 as next date for case management. I am much obliged.

"Because the cost to the litigant is so very little, the tendency is to sue for millions. This is grossly unfair to the defendants. If the law is intended to promote justice then the litigant should also suffer from the same anxieties for the length of time of the hearing and if his allegation is baseless he should pay his victim the same amount he sued for. Then there would be justice and frivolous cases would not be brought before the courts." - Suing in Court by Chedet


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