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Blogger@Sarawak - Broadcast : The Fight for Sarawak !

berita penuh dari australian broadcasting corporation (ABC) yang menceritakan secara lebih mendalam kegiatan taib mahmud sepanjang 30 tahun menjadi ketua menteri sarawak di sini : THE FIGHT FOR SARAWAK - ABC

Transcript : LEIGH SALES, PRESENTER: This weekend one of Asia's longest-serving and most controversial politicians is seeking re-election. 74-year-old Abdul Taib Mahmud has ruled the Malaysian state of Sarawak for 30 years, turning it into an industrialised economy, mostly by exporting timber and palm oil. But that's come at the expense of the country's fabled rainforests, attracting international condemnation. Even though Taib Mahmud is almost sure to be returned to office, an unlikely duo's leading a growing global campaign against him. Mike Sexton reports.

MIKE SEXTON, REPORTER: Every day in a flat in the heart of London an unlikely duo broadcasts to an audience on the other side of the world. Behind the microphone is Peter John Jaban, the grandson of a head-hunter from the jungles of Borneo and behind the scenes is British investigative reporter Clare Rewcastle-Brown, sister-in-law of former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

CLARE REWCASTLE-BROWN, RADIO FREE SARAWAK: We make a very good pair. We care about the same things.

MIKE SEXTON: Together they run Radio Free Sarawak, a tiny operation campaigning against one of Asia's most successful politicians, the Chief Minister of Sarawak, Taib Mahmud, whose business empire reportedly stretches across the globe, including Australia.

CLARE REWCASTLE-BROWN: I would describe him as a dictator in all but name. He utterly controls Sarawak. He and his family own anything that's worth owning in Sarawak. They first brought everything into government monopoly and then privatised it into their own possession.

MIKE SEXTON: Sarawak lies on the island of Borneo and is the largest state in Malaysia. Before independence in 1963, it was a British colony and among the expats living there was the Rewcastle family.

CLARE REWCASTLE-BROWN: I was born in Sarawak and grew up there, spent my early childhood there and so I have very happy memories. And I remember a beautiful jungle that was my home and wonderful people that were my first friends.

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